Implementing Units

Implementation Units are labs and R+D groups with capabilities and equipment to offer development and knowledge transfer to society.

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Art and Technology
1 ElectropUNQ
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Director: Diego Romero Mascaró

Co-director: Esteban Calcagno

Integrantes: Diego Campos, Marcelo Martínez, Martín Matus.


  • Digitalización y Restauración.
  • Producción.
  • Post-producción y mastering de audio y video.
  • Diseño y desarrollo de hardware y software a medida.
  • Apps.
  • Luthería electrónica.
  • Asesoramiento en diseño de espacios acústicos y sonoros.
  • Asesoramiento en el uso de nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la educación artistica.


2 Audiovisual Analysis and Production

Director: Alfredo Alfonso

  • Production of audiovisual materials in several formats and media.
  • Studies on the problem of communication.

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3 Laboratory of Acoustics and Sound Perception

Director: Manuel Eguía

  • Consulting on acoustic environmental impact .

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4 Quilmes Studio of Music and Audio

Director: Nicolás Varchausky

Co-director: Mariano Cura

  • Production and post production of content and multimedia events.

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1 Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, Cell, and Molecular Biology

Director: Daniel Ghiringhelli

  • Studies on cloning and gene expression of different origins in eukaryotic and/or prokaryotes expression systems.
  • Design and development of traceability molecular techniques applicable to prokaryotic or eukaryotic viral systems.
  • Studies on biocontrol of insects pests using baculoviral and bacterial tools.

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2 Laboratory of Protein Expression and Folding

Director: Mario Ermácora

  • Design and characterization of proteins of biotechnological and medical importance.
  • Studies on design of drugs to interact with proteins.
  • Spectroscopic and biophysical characterization of proteins.

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3 Biocatalysis and Biotransformation Laboratory

Director: Adolfo Iribarren

  • Development of methodologies for enzymes or microorganisms whole cells biocatalyst synthesis.
  • Selection and breeding of biocatalysts.
  • Chemical enzymatic synthesis of nucleoside and its analogues.
  • Analysis of samples by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV-visible detection, diode array and mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS).

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4 Molecular Oncology Laboratory

Directores: Daniel Gomez, Daniel Alonso

  • Antitumoral strategies design in molecular oncology.
  • Research and Product Development. R & D antitumor molecular diagnostic systems.
  • Studies using molecular techniques, cell cultures and/or preclinical animal models.

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5 Laboratory of Immunology and Virology

Director: Graciela Almallo de Glikmann

  • Production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.
  • Purification of antibodies. Speed and conjugation of antibodies.
  • Development and validation of Elisa kits.
  • Studies of rotavirus.
  • Viral detection in biological and environmental samples.
  • Antibody detection Studies of humoral and cellular immune competence in humans and animals.

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6 Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology

Director: Liliana Semorile

Co-director: Lucrecia Del Federico

  • Identification and characterization of bacterial species.
  • Detection of virulence genes in pathogenic species.
  • Studies on the microbiological quality control of food and industrial products.

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7 Laboratory of Control and Ecology of Pest Ants

Director: Patricia Folgarait

  • Biological control of pest ants using specific parasitoids.
  • Biological control of pest ants using  specific fungi parasites of other fungi and entomopathogenic fungi.
  • Assessment in alternative control of ants (non-chemical) in particular agricultural, forestry or livestock situations.
  • Taxonomic identification of ants.
  • Study  of specific cases of ants, by request.
  • Identification of the role and/or ecosystem service by the ant.
  • Research of pest ant species in interaction with other animals, plants and microorganisms, both in natural and modified situations, with different stories of land use.

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8 Chronobiology Laboratory

Director: Diego Golombek

  • Studies applied to biological rhythms in human beings and laboratory animals.
  • Development of techniques and sampling equipment, data acquisition, statistical analysis and graphic advice and protocols on aspects of applied chronobiology, including cases of clinical studies, occupational medicine, shift work, desynchronization.

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9 Laboratory of Biotechnology Materials

Director: Mariano Graselli

  • Study and development of new functionalized materials based on natural polymers (cellulose, alginate, chitosan) and synthetic (PE, PP, PET, polysulfides, polyether), proteins and nucleic acids obtained from natural or recombinant sources.
  • Techniques for immobilization of polymers and proteins (chemical modifications and changes through physical media).
  • Recombinant protein production by fermentation of bacterial cultures.
  • Purification of natural and recombinant proteins.

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10 Laboratory for the Design of Drug Targeting Strategies

Director: Eder Romero

  • Design of drug targeting strategies.
  • Design of nanotechnologies applied to the control of molecular release.
  • Developments for pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic companies.

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11 Laboratory of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biological Interactions in Soil

Directores: Luis Wall, Claudio Valverde

  • Studies on soil microbiology and chemistry.

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12 Laboratory of Biomembranes

Director: Silvia Alonso

  • Development of biofunctional materials, studies of lipid formulation stability, protein in the digestive tract, plasma and functional foods.
  • Developments of pharmaceutical products and functional foods.
  • In vivo biodistribution studies of lipid formulations / DNA in animal model. Studies in natural and artificial membranes.

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13 Sustainable Biotechnology Unit

Director: Dr. Jorge Trelles

  • Development of sustainable biotechnological processes in the environmental topic, health, and alimentary industry.
  • Determination of environmental pollutants.

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14 Unit of Forensic Biological Studies

Director: Néstor Centeno

  • Forensic entomological enquires.
  • Ad hoc decomposition studies.
  • Forensic taphonomy studies.

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1 Polymers and Composites Advisory

Director: Luis Martínez

  • Development of products based on natural and synthetic polymers.
  • Feasibility and quality control studies on specific issues, including materials analysis and industrial processing systems for natural and synthetic polymer products.

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2 Estudios Hidrodinámicos, Aerodinámicos y Simulaciones Computacionales
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Director:  Jorge Perez Patiño.

Integrantes:  Hugo Tosco - Horacio Chackas - Matias Bogliano - Rodolfo De benedetto.

  • Diseño y/o análisis de formas aerodinámicas por métodos empíricos.
  • Diseño y/o análisis de formas hidrodinámicas por simulaciones computacionales bidimensionales y/o tridimensionales.
  • Diseño y/o análisis de carenas, quillas, timones orzas y perfiles sustentadoras en general.
  • Diseño y/o análisis de generadores Eólicos.
  • Estudios de interacción Fluido estructura y análisis estructurales, incluyendo por método de elementos finitos.
  • Capacitación en implementación de sistema de cálculos y simulaciones computacionales Mecánica de fluidos y cálculos estructurales.
  • Asistencia técnica para la realización de cálculos y estudios relacionados con mecánica de fluidos y análisis de estruccturas.


3 Electronics, Automation, and Control Developments

Director: Guillermo Casas

  • Developments applying advanced knowledge in the areas of electronics, automation and process control.

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4 Design and Shipbuilding Services

Director: Juan Rosendo Alves

  • Design and construction of sports and work boats. Building only to the prototype level.
  • Boat repair.
  • Detailed engineering, construction, and technical advice on construction projects that require a sophisticated construction methods using advanced composite materials.

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5 Nautical and Naval Services

Director: Héctor Longarela

  • Studies, design and construction of boats.

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6 Integration Unit for the Development of Technological Solutions

Director: Mg. Ing. Félix Gustavo Emilio Safar

  • To provide technology integration services applied to processes, products and/or services. These technologies include:
    • Advanced techniques for automation and control.
    • Numerical methods in engineering. Simulation and optimization.
    • Detection and diagnosis of failures.
    • Artificial intelligence. Neural networks. Robotics.
  • Management of R&D and transfer projects that integrate the following technologies/disciplines:
    • Automation and control. Process control.
    • Information and communication technologies.
    • Sensor networks. Monitoring.
    • Bioprocess modeling and simulation.
    • Technical support for assistance to disadvantaged groups. Home automation.
    • Technologies for efficient and sustainable environments. Remediation.

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7 Unit of Information and Communication Technologies

Director: Pablo E. Martínez López

  • Studies on information and communication technology.
  • ICT developments.

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Economía y Administración
1 Optimization Center for Public and Private Organizational Systems (COSOPP)

Director: José Luis Sebastián

  • General management studies over public and private institutions and nongovernmental organizations.

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2 Economics of Innovation and Structural Change Management

Director: Fernando Porta

  • Studies on innovation strategies and company performance in open economies.
  • Evaluation and design of competitiveness and innovation public policies.
  • Social studies on science, technology, and innovation.

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3 Management Consulting and Development for the Hospitality Industry

Director: María Elisa Cousté

Co-director: Ariel Barreto

  • Studies about problems of public and private organizations related to tourism and hotel in general.

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4 Grupo de Estudios Sobre la Transferencia Tecnológica
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Director: Gustavo Lugones.

Integrantes: Paulina Becerra - Fabian Britto - Carlos Bianco - Miguel Giudicatti - Héctor Bazque - Felipe Vismara - Claudio Alfaraz - Agustín Wydler.

  • Formulación, realización y gestión de estudios de competitividad.
  • Caracterización, monitoreo y evaluación de procesos de innovación y/o transferencia tecnológica.
  • Diseño de políticas, programas, proyectos e instrumentos de promoción de la innovación y/o la transferencia de tecnologías tanto internos como interinstitucionales.
  • Desarrollo y dictado de programas, talleres y actividades de capacitación en la temática de la competitividad, gestión de la innovación y la transferencia tecnológica.


5 UVQ Virtual Learning Program

Director: Gastón Benedetti

  • Development of teaching models in virtual environments.
  • Development and preparation of teaching materials.
  • Design, processing and production of training materials, multimedia and graphic design, consulting and training for education projects in virtual environments, digital literacy.
  • Software development, platform development and implementation of virtual teaching and learning, course development, academic managers, maintenance and hosting of developed applications.

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6 Unidad de Asistencia a PyMEs y Emprendimientos
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Director: Prof. Carlos Emilio Martinez

Integrantes: Juan Santiago Ledesma, Germán Reynolds, Rodrigo Gabriel Silva

  • Coaching y formación a emprendedores y empresarios
  • Consultoría en el planeamiento, la innovación y la mejora de modelos de negocios nuevos o existentes
  • Diagnósticos organizacionales y de mercados e industrias
  • Análisis de mercados y estudios de factibilidad comercial
  • Planeamiento y presupuestación de proyectos organizacionales
  • Evaluación económica y financiera de proyectos de inversión
  • Asistencia para la búsqueda y gestión de instrumentos públicos y privados para el financiamiento de proyectos
  • Análisis de riesgos y asistencia en estrategias de cobertura para proyectos
  • Consultoría en planes de negocios para nuevos emprendimientos y MiPymes

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7 Technical Assistance Unit for Human Resources Management (TAUHRM)

Director: Lic. Daniel Fihman

  • Technical assistance and training for organizations in the public and private sectors.

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8 Unit of Local Government Strengthening

Director: Daniel Cravacuore

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9 Unidad de Investigación y Desarrollo para la Competitividad Empresaria
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Director: Alfredo Martín Scatizza

Integrantes: Daniel Alberto Lauria, Gonzalo Zemilla, Leandro Martín.

  • Estudios de posicionamiento, factibilidad técnica-económica-financiera, del sector productivo y el comercio internacional.
  • Estudios sectoriales, y de productos en particular, evaluación de la calidad de la oferta exportable local, regional y/o nacional.
  • Asistencia en procesos de intenacionalización empresaria.


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Social Studies and Consultancy
1 Center for the Study of Rural Argentina

Director: Noemí Girbal

  • Studies on rural activities and their relationship with the agribusiness in Argentina.

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2 Contemporary Social Research

Director: Dr. Javier Balsa

  • Consultancy and advisory services.
  • Socioeconomic and cultural diagnoses.
  • Design and implementation of tools to survey information, and databases.
  • Development of states of the art.
  • Training on approaches related to several urban and rural social issues at national, regional, and international level.

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3 Sociocultural Studies on Professional Configuration

Director: Frederic Sabina

Co-director: Germán Soprano Manzo

  • Studies on professional settings from a socio-cultural, historical and comparative approach.
  • Diagnostic studies of professional settings, their relationships with the educational system, the state, the labor market and social actors.
  • Evaluation of policies/programs/public and institutional projects to improve or rate of different socio-professional profiles.

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4 Social Studies Team about Life in Prison

Director: Rodolfo Brardinelli

  • Studies about life in prison.

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5 Observatory on Society and Urban Production

Director: Carlos Fidel

  • Studies on production chains.
  • Regional socioeconomic studies.
  • Evaluation of policy and governance.
  • Tests and election polls.
  • Determination of products and services positioning.
  • Demand studies and feasibility analysis. Econometric modeling for supply and demand.

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6 Praxis

Director: Martín Becerra

  • Studies on communication policies, new information technologies, and teaching processes mediated by information technologies.

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7 Advisory Unit on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy and Management

Director: Leonardo Vaccarezza

  • Policy and management studies of science, technology and innovation

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Food Technology
1 Development of Functional Food

Director: Anahí Cuellas

  • Formulation of food with functional characteristics.
  • Studies to increase the added value of foodstuffs.
  • Advice and optimization in the development of technological innovation processes.
  • Market research and marketing of special products.

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2 Food Research and Technology

Director: Gastón Arraiz

  • Development of projects on basic and detailed engineering.
  • Studies on industrial organization and optimization.
  • Assessment and re-engineering projects in the area of Food Technologies.

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3 Laboratory of Physicochemical and Functional Food Studies

Director: Jorge Wagner

  • Determination of composition and study of thermal properties of foods and ingredients.
  • Analysis of the distribution of food particle size by laser diffraction.
  • Analysis of changes in structure and composition of dietary components by FTIR.
  • Studies of the rheological behavior of food formulations.
  • Assessment and advice on functional properties of food ingredients and their application in food formulations.
  • Studies on the use and recovery of byproducts from the food industry.

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4 Food Analysis Unit

Directores: Vanesa Ludemann

  • Chemical composition and microbiological analysis of food.
  • Mycotoxin analysis.
  • Study of physiological properties with technological importance for fungal strains used as starters.

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