Start Ups: Technology-based companies

The UNQ has encouraged the creation of technology based companies. These companies have competitive advantages over the scientific and technological knowledge developed by the university researchers. In turn, they give way to a large offer of innovative products and services.

The process of creating new innovative companies based on scientific and technological developments implies a set of key factors such as, idea setting, market identification, management team development and venture capitals, among others.

One of the main objectives of the Transfer Technology Office is to assist both researchers and developers in the process of start ups, supporting their search for solutions in face of the lack for skilled managers or venture capital and loan access.

As a result, the UNQ is co-owner of the following companies:


BioExt offers assessment and services for agricultural production through the introduction of biotechnological techniques.


Productos Bio-Lógicos

PB-L Productos Bio-Lógicos
PB-L produces and trades biotechnological products for research tools.



ANTZ is a project company for the development of non-chemical plague control technology.



GPore is a project company which has developed a biomolecules purification and production technology.